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  Congratulations 2017-2018 Champs!!!!  
  Carl Guenther,   Brad Bland,   Zach Homyk,   Rick Cenar,   Don Homyk  



Congratulations to the 2016-17  CHAMPS!


         Brad Bland         Sean Driskill       John Talaga      Harry Comerford   Craig Henderson
Past Champions
Brian Garrity       Susan Malisch       Bill Capodanno       John Talaga       Todd Raclaw         


Mike Sheehan - Kieth Engelmann - Bill Capodanno - Frank Lindbloom
(Not Pictured Maurice Classen)
Does Anyone Have A Pic of The Winners?
Rick Cenar, Billy Litgen, Keith Englemann, Todd Raclaw, Rob Wagner
Jay Lucero  Carl Guenther  Mark Schuth  Harry Comerford  Doug Kroll
(Long Live the Flip Phone Photo!)
Keith Engelmann, Paul Goerner, Todd Raclaw, John Talaga, Dave Weber


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2016 - 2017 Season

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Past Rosters

2015-16 Rosters

Team 1   Team 5
Sean Driskill   Rick Cenar
Dan Facchini   Matt Garofoli
Keith Guenther / Dave Duffy   Paul Goerner
Pat Levar   Frank Lindbloom
Robert Padron   Mark Radtke
Mark Schuth    
Team 2   Team 6
Steven Baginskis   Connor Haughey
Maurice Classen   Patrcik Koutnik
Carl Guenther   Ben Thun
Jay Lucero   Dave Weber
Craig Henderson   Brian Wilson
Team 3   Team 7
Bill Capodanno   Matt Hickey
Brian Garrity   Billy Litgen
Susan Malisch   Matthew Masalski
Todd Raclaw   Mike Sheehan
John Talaga   Kyle Duffy
Team 4   Team 8
Joe Nevins   Keith Engelmann
Andrew Noteman   Tony Heinrichs
Doug Kroll   James Kanellos
Harry Comerford   Mijo Vodopic
Saul Juskaitis   Jerome Witte
Dan Fritts    

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2014-15 Roster

2013-14 Roster

  Team 1   Team 5
      Rick Cenar       Mike Wilhelm
      Todd Radclaw       Dave Duffy
      Rob Wagner       Jeff Wilkison
      Billy Litgen       Tony Heinrichs
      Keith Engleman       Susan Malisch
  Team 2   Team 6
      Jay Lucero       Paul Goerner
      Matt Masalski       Rico Ramos
      Harry Comerford       Brian Garrity
      Brendan McCormick       James Mullaghy
      Jim Hough       Jim Kanellos
  Team 3   Team 7
      Frank Lindbloom       Keith Guenther
      Gerry Mundt       Steve Baginskis
      Joe Nevins       Doug Kroll
      Mijo Vodopic       Andy Noteman
      Scott Seifert       Dave Weber
  Team 4   Team 8
      Craig Henderson       Carl Guenther
      Bill Capdodanno       Mike Sheehan   
      Matt Garofoli       Dan Facchini
      Dan Stapleton       Kyle Duffy
      Mark Schuth       Tom Arens

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